Recycling since 1985 Recycling
since 1985

Working with you throughout the life cycle of your tool

Tool design and tool maintenance are both included in our trade moulding offering. If you have an existing tool, we can store it on site for as long as you need. Oxford Plastics sits on a 10 acre site with plenty of room for storage. Our maintenance teams work 24/7 taking care of your tool and making sure it runs efficiently.

Do you need assistance designing a new tool? No problem. Our design team will use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create a tool for you. You will have a direct line to the project manager who will ensure that your tool fits the criteria of your product brief.

Our aim is to create and run tools that are designed for manufacture.

Tool design, creating and producing your tool

Tool modification, working from your current tool

Tool maintenance, looking after your tool to keep it in the best condition

Tool storage, before during and after the production process