Product Testing
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Testing & Quality

Pre-production runs are tested against the specifications in your product brief. It is essential to test the first runs to make sure that we achieve the target weight, look, functionality and size.

Over 30 years we have developed a comprehensive list of product tests. Our testing includes stress tests, weather tests, materials tests, load tests, wind tests and drop tests. Not all kinds of testing are necessary for every product we manufacture, speak to your project manager and we will build it into your product brief.

Our Quality Engineer will create a production document to ensure that your product is quality tested according to your product brief. This will include all critical dimensions and weight.

Stress Test

The stress test will apply force to your product at multiple angles. This test will evaluate possible weak areas in the product.

Load Test

The load test will apply significant force to the top of your product. This test will simulate vehicles driving over your products or heavy objects being stacked on your product.

Material Test

All tests are undertaken to determine the correct material selection and level of moulding.

Weather Test

The weather test will examine the durability of your product in real-world conditions. Your product will be exposed to UV rays, excessive rain, strong winds and very hot and cold temperatures.