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Our expertise is in sustainable design and manufacture across many kinds of moulding. Talk to your project manager about injection, compression and blow moulded products.

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What is compression moulding? Compression moulding is used to produce heavy weights and bases, such as fence feet, which are often used in the construction industry. Trench covers are also manufactured by using composite materials. Compression moulding is one of the simplest moulding techniques, you can also use blended materials.


What is injection moulding? Injection moulding is traditionally used to mass produce high volume products, such as car bumpers, phone cases and golf tees. The cost per unit dramatically drops with high volumes and high run rates. Injection moulding is often used to make complex products, it has low scrap rates and creates very consistent products.


What is blow moulding? Blow moulding is used to make lightweight products that are always hollow, such as water-filled barriers, bottles and containers. Blow moulded products are often found in packaging, automotive and construction industries.


What is extrusion moulding? Extrusion moulding is often used to make pipes, posts and profiles. The molten material is extruded through a die which is used to determine the profile of the product. Extrusion moulded products can be cut any variety of lengths.