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Supporting you every step of the way

From your first enquiry, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will guide you through the trade moulding process, building the product brief and taking this through to production.

Our product designers will work in partnership with you to create the conceptual design of your product.

Speak to our materials experts who source and test plastic. We have experience working with a range of materials and pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious and using recycled plastic wherever possible.

There are many types of plastic moulding, visit our moulding guide which explains some core processes. We specialise in several kinds including injection, compression and blow moulding.

Your mould is your asset, we offer tool design and general maintenance, both of which are included in our trade mould proposal.

Before the production stage, we can offer prototypes and samples ­. We use these to test your product ahead of the main production run.

We know that the job doesn’t finish at production which is why we look after the project through to post-production support. We work with you to ensure every stage of the product’s life is considered, this includes forecasting production, arranging packaging, shipping the product, storing the tool and following up to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

 By working with a range of recycled material suppliers, we tailor material specifications to achieve cost-effective solutions

Steve Gee
Materials Manager

The key to everything we make is in choosing the right material for the product brief. 

Chris Whiteley