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CAD/ Design

At Oxford Plastics our aim is to design for manufacture.

Whether you have an existing product or need to design a new product, our team of product designers is here to help.

Our 5 product designers will take you from the product brief stage through to conceptual design and prototyping. This can be a 3D printed miniature or an actual-size mock-ups. Our product designers use the latest CAD software to make amends quickly and easily. We will not go into production until you are happy with your product prototype

We mould products cost-efficiently without compromise on functionality. This could include minimising weight, reducing cycle times and designing products with minimum complexity.

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), the product design team look at product engineering, considering how your product will be used through its life.

We will produce full technical drawings with specifications with detailing for manufacture.

Any questions or queries? You will have a direct line to your project manager.